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Eat Like Your Ancestors

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Volume 1 | Issue 1

Winter 2019

New East Coast Indigenous Restaurant to Open Spring 2019

If you haven’t googled Chef Sherry Pocknett- now is the time.

As you can see, Chef Pocknett is the next up and coming tribal food innovator who is influencing and changing the indigenous farm-to-table landscape up and down the east coast with her catering company Sly Fox’s Den.

Continuously sourcing the most sustainable, local and quality ingredients to craft delicious meals that include, smoked oysters, frog legs, blue-fish hash, three-sisters wild rice, and turtle soup (to name a few) is just a small sampling of her menu that is inspired by the thriving Mashpee Wampanoag food culture. By popular demand and after many years of planning, the Chef has recently made her dreams come true and will be expanding into a full-blown restaurant, education center and shellfish farm opening Spring of 2019.

Can you take a moment to congratulate Chef Pocknett and support her new business? Whether it be a tribal, regional, national or global community- we all have to eat one way or another and supporting the folks who are striving to merge food, culture and community should be our top priority. Chef Pocknett has dedicated the last 15 years of her life nourishing and caring about the well-being of her community and the surrounding tribal communities- so donating to her GoFundMe Campaign is a small gesture of our collective appreciation.

Click here to take a tour of her new restaurant:

Click here to donate to her GoFundMe Campaign: SupportSlyFoxDen

The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe is known for their culture-rich foodways and have proven this time and time, and time again throughout history. From teaching the pilgrims how to survive; to proudly exercising their Aboriginal Hunting and Fishing Rights; to launching First Light Oysters Shellfish Farm; to the opening and closing of the epic The FlumeRestaurant; the People Of The First Light have clearly been practicing food sovereignty well before it became a trend. Let’s keep the traditions alive!

-Danielle Hill

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